MBWP Certification Requirements

  • Enroll in and complete an approved MBWP workshop.
  • Maintain a consistent personal mindfulness practice for a minimum of one year after completing the workshop.
  • Engage in remote monthly cohort meetings to discuss personal practice and teaching applications.
  • Engage in remote monthly meetings with an MBWP certified teacher to discuss personal practice along with pedagogical ideas, applications, and progress.
  • Submit three video artifacts, along with accompanying commentary, demonstrating applications of MBWP in an educational setting.
  • Submit a cumulative written project that includes, (a) a summary of MBWP principles and their applications in teaching, (b) sample lesson plans, and (c) an additional artifact demonstrating a current or potential application of MBWP.
  • Complete four in-person supervised teaching units in your role as apprentice faculty for an approved MBWP workshop. Enrollment in the workshop as a paid participant is required.
  • Complete an exit interview with a certified MBWP teacher.

Learn more about completion time and costs. MBWP Costs and Completion

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