MBWP Teacher Certification

The Mindfulness-Based Wellness and Pedagogy (MBWP) Teacher Certification Program is designed for educators in the arts and other fields who are interested in deepening their knowledge and commitment to mindfulness-based education both in their personal and professional lives. The program aims to create a community of educators dedicated to transforming the culture of education through mindfulness. Participation in the program is available to individuals who have completed MBWP Level II Certification.

MBWP Teacher Certification Requirements

  • Maintain a consistent personal mindfulness practice for a minimum of one year after earning Level II Certification.
  • Engage in monthly cohort meetings to discuss personal practice and teaching applications.
  • Engage in monthly meetings with an MBWP certified teacher to discuss personal practice along with pedagogical ideas, applications, and progress.
  • Submit video artifacts, along with accompanying commentary, demonstrating applications of MBWP in an educational setting.
  • Submit a cumulative written project that includes, (a) a summary of your understanding of MBWP and its applications in teaching, (b) five MBWP lesson plans that you have used or plan to use in your teaching context, and (c) an additional artifact demonstrating a current or potential application of MBWP.
  • Complete four supervised teaching units in your role as apprentice faculty for an MBWP workshop.
  • Complete an exit interview with a certified MBWP teacher.

Note: Videos and written material will be reviewed by an MBWP certified teacher and must be deemed acceptable before MBWP certification is approved. In cases where materials are not initially approved, opportunities for further guidance and resubmission may be discussed.

What will I be able to do with MBWP Certification?

  • Refer to yourself as a certified MBWP teacher and add this designation to your credentials.
  • Engage in your personal mindfulness practice with a deeper understanding of the philosophical, ethical, scientific, pedagogical, and creative foundations of mindfulness and its applications in contemporary educational contexts.
  • Design and facilitate introductory level classes and workshops on MBWP and advise and serve as a consultant to those interested in applying MBWP principles in their work as teachers and artists.
  • Incorporate MBWP practices and interventions into your work as an educator and artist.
  • In certain circumstances and as requested, serve as a monthly cohort or individual meeting facilitator for aspiring MBWP teachers.

If you would like more information about the program, please contact us at admin@mbwp.org.

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