Teacher Certification

This certification program is designed for educators interested in deepening their knowledge and commitment to mindfulness-based education in their personal and professional lives.

What will I be able to do with MBWP Certification?

  • Refer to yourself as a certified MBWP teacher and add this designation to your credentials.
  • Engage in a personal mindfulness practice with a deeper understanding of the philosophical, ethical, scientific, pedagogical, and creative foundations of mindfulness and its applications in contemporary education.
  • Design and facilitate introductory level classes and workshops on MBWP and advise and serve as a consultant to those interested in applying MBWP principles in their work as teachers and musicians.
  • Incorporate MBWP practices and interventions into your work as an educator and musician.
  • In certain circumstances and as requested, serve as a monthly cohort or individual meeting facilitator for aspiring MBWP teachers.
  • Earn professional development credit.

Interested? Learn more about our certification requirements.


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