Anissa B.Anissa B.

The Mindfulness and Wellness class was truly a life-changing experience. I had always thought that mindfulness and meditation were esoteric pursuits reserved only for Buddhist monks and serious yogis; the seminar proved me wrong. Using a masterful combination of research-based material, philosophical writings, opportunities for meaningful self-reflection, and the instructor's own great sense of humor and humility about his experiences with mindfulness, this course helped me realize that mindfulness/meditation is for everyone. Two years later, I am still committed to my mindfulness practice and amazed by its powerful positive effects on every aspect of my life.

Michelle S.Michelle S.

The Mindfulness Course for Music Educators taught me to utilize short pauses throughout my day, to really give my mind a rest and the chance to recoup. Just those few moments of rest can help you recharge and gather your thoughts, enabling you to return to work in a clearer, more vibrant manner; to reassess the situation and return with better focus, intention, and problem solving skills.

Fraser G.Fraser G.

The mindfulness and wellness class made a lasting impact on my life. It provided me with new strategies to assist in my personal wellness, the skills and knowledge to sustain my own mindfulness practice, and the opportunity and encouragement to discover the effect it can have on my personal and professional lives.

Cole B.Cole B.

The Mindfulness and Wellness class was the most valuable class I took during graduate school because it reframed (read: saved) the remaining year of my degree in a time of personal and professional turmoil. My relationship of six years ended, my career aspirations changed, my ambition shifted from fame in my field to faithfulness to myself and to others, coupled with a new, growing ambition for knowing who I am and how I might be an authentic, positive presence in the world rather than merely a leader in my field.

Christopher M.Christopher M.

The ideas and concepts I learned in the mindfulness class were by far some of the most immediately transferrable and applicable techniques I received during my graduate studies. This class/program is an excellent way to decipher and process many of the feelings and weight teachers experience. My career, personally, has taken a different course that I thought it would, and the techniques I learned in the mindfulness class were instrumental in helping me process and embrace the opportunities provided to me. I cannot speak highly enough about both the techniques addressed as well as the guidance from the instructor during the course.

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